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What To Expect

How long is the service? 
Our worship services typically last an hour or less.
What about kids? 
Bring them! We are an intergenerational congregation. Children are involved in worship, as well as adults. We provide worship toolboxes to keep children involved and help them learn how to worship.  Our worship services include a special time just for children!
What’s the service like? 
We believe in a worship experience that is inclusive, engaging, and for all generations. God loves EVERYONE - LGBTQIA+, all races, all genders, all ethnicities. We love you all, TOO, just as you are!
How do people normally dress? 
Some people dress up every Sunday in "business casual" attire, and others are more casual-casual, wearing jeans and t-shirts. Come as you are!
Where do I park? 
We have parking lots to the north and east sides of the church, as well as street parking around the south side of the church.

When We Meet

Sunday Mornings

9 am  Christian Education
10 am Worship

How To Contact Us

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