Super Seniors

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Honoring our “Super Seniors”

The Nurture & Outreach Commission, Elders, and Deacons are pleased to present a new project where we wish to honor our over 80-year-old members as our “Super Seniors”.  The idea for this project came from the family of Bernie Hatten in celebration of his 100th birthday.  They submitted some interesting facts that not many people know about him.

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Bernie Hatten was a mechanical engineer and developed components for the first nuclear submarine (the Nautilus).  He was there when the submarine was launched in 1954.

He was also involved with the production of the Sherman Tanks used during WWII.

Bernie was an honor student at Ohio State and was one of the few that got to live in the honor dorms which were located inside the Ohio State Stadium.

He loved Ballroom Dancing and his secret to a long life is to keep walking, laugh often, rest or nap when you can, and treat yourself to ice cream!

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